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Holistic Model of Personal Cultivation

A holistic approach to personal evolution proposes a balanced and well-anchored way to evolve in this modern time. In this approach, we address many dimensions of our lives simultaneously:

Physical dimension: Build a healthy body, full of positive energy is fundamental to all life’s endeavors. Thus we promote a healthy and balanced diet; regular and vigorous exercise such as daily Integral Taichi and yoga.

Emotional dimension: Our aim is to develop emotional intelligence, or emotional awareness, so that we can become optimistic, joyful, and well-balanced in our emotional relationship with others.

Intellectual dimension: Having an open-mind, an all-embracing worldview, is how we can improve our mental capacity. Thus we encourage the continuous expansion of knowledge through the study of different philosophies, spiritual and cultural traditions. 

Social dimension: Benefiting others, providing services, engaging without selfish motivation, are part of our view on how to engage meaningfully with the communities around us. Thus we engage our members to serve our large community, such as teaching Integral Taichi, vegetarian cooking, as well as other social services.

Spiritual dimension: Broadening self-awareness, deepening concentration power, becoming more mature, balanced, and harmonious in all life’s aspects, is practically the base for our spiritual evolution to higher level of consciousness. With this view, we emphasize a practice of deep meditation that includes visualization, appreciation, and mantra recitation.

Physical Dimension
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