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Integral Taichi

Physical dimension

Integral Tai Chi (ITC) is a method that can help us transcend the dualities of yin and yang, right and wrong, good and bad. 
ITC is not just martial arts, but it is a method combining many dimensions of life such as: 

  • The Ten Forms: these forms are a training of the body to be more flexible, increase energy and blood flow and open up our chakras (inner centers of energy). The ultimate goal of the Ten Forms is to open the energy centers in order to sustain the ultimate level of consciousness (enlightenment) obtained via meditation. 

  • The Ten Forms for Seniors: this practice also trains the body but is more geared towards those 60 years and older. This method helps energy and blood flow, rejuvenates the body and sharpens the mind. The main aims of this practice are to stimulate the chakras causing the inner body energy to activate and the Chi to circulate within the meridian systems. 

  • Healthy Diet: Eat enough nutrients while staying in accord with the laws of nature. The primary focus is to eat vegetarian food with more vegetables, beans, wheat and ingesting less oil, fat, stimulating elements, addictive or noxious foods . The ultimate goal of this life-enhancing diet is to help people build a body in harmony with the unfolding of the mind and spirit; and simultaneously minimizes the karma of killing (one of the karmic obstacles that obstructs spiritual growth). This diet is not simply a vegetarian diet because it requires us to study eating and cooking from different angles. 

  • Life Attitude and Lifestyle: Live in accordance with the laws of cause and effect, the laws of nature and correlate with the development of the spirit. We need to establish a philosophy of living and develop a lifestyle accordingly, a lifestyle that is less rigid, less worrisome, more wisdom, more at ease and more open. Building a lifestyle of contentment requires us to know and practice breathing, eating, speaking, relaxing, acting, thinking, interacting and meditation in a harmonious and open manner. 

  • All of the above methods help develop and expand our energy with the ultimate goal to support and sustain an enlightened spirit. An enlightened spirit requires a level of open-mindedness and integration of energy in a healthy body. The development/growth of energy goes through a sequence of events: emerging, generating, storing and integrating. 

    • Generating: activates and circulates the energy in the chakras and meridians systems 

    • Developing: expand the energy such that we can utilize it during daily life. 

    • Storing: encapsulates energy so as not to lose the energy and harm the body by storing the energy in the Dan-Tien (lower part of the abdomen). 

    • Integrating: unites the energies of the three previous levels and elevate them to a higher level or form of energy. 

Compassionate Service Society currently has classes available to train on the Ten Forms of Integral Tai Chi. Integral Tai Chi helps train the body, opens the energy system and elevates the energy necessary for a happy life that benefits others and evolves the spirit. All of the above classes are free of charge at the following locations:  


  • Hong Kong City Mall: 11205 Bellaire Blvd #B29 (2nd Floor) Houston,TX 77072 (main location)

  • River Oaks Community Center (CC): 3600 Locke Lane, Houston, TX 77027

  • Charlotte Mangum-Howell CC (Doss Park): 2500 Frick Road, Houston, Tx 77038

  • Kingwood CC: 4102 Rustic Woods Dr, Kingwood, Tx 77345

  • Humble Senior Activity Center: 1401 South Houston Avenue, Humble, TX 77338

  • Parker Williams Library: 10851 Scarsdale Blvd, Houston, TX 77089

  • Alief Park & Community Center: 11903 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, Tx 77072

  • Quang Đức Temple: 17703 French Road – Houston, TX 77084

  • Tracy Gee Community Center: 3599 West Center Dr. – Houston, TX 77042

  • Lotus Hands Acupuncture Clinic: 11427 Jones Road – Houston, TX 77070

You are invited to view the program schedule to look over the many classes available, lead by trained instructors from Compassionate Service Society.

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