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Basic Peace & Serenity Meditation

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Beginner Meditation Prep Session

Objective: Prepare the beginner practitioner for the Basic Peace & Serenity Meditation.

Overview: Each session is a live 30 minutes follow-along session weekly Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 9pm – 9:30pm for 2 months. Practitioner will learn to condition their body to remain still, regulate their breath and elevate their self-awareness. Group meeting sessions, as required, will be announced. There will be no Question & Answer during the session.

Phone Number to call in: (716) 293-8367; 06620


1. Participants are required to maintain this practice routine daily, preferably same time slot.

2. To receive materials, participants must download the Viber App into their mobile devices and register their phone number to be included in the Viber Group. Questions & Answers are only available via the Viber group.

As of today (6/10/2020), the class has ended. We will open a new class in the near future. Thank you all for attending the basic meditation class in the past two months.

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